Piano Lessons of Naples

3-5 Year Olds

Numerous studies reveal the piano to be a powerful tool for developing mathematical thinking,  It is relatively unknown that a "window of opportunity" exists during the preschool years when learning the piano can facilitate neural connections in the brain needed for mathematical and spacial understanding later in life.  We use specialized methods that are positive and enjoyable to make the most of these important years.  During the lessons your child will participate in musical activities both on and off the piano bench with the goal of building confidence, increasing enjoyment and solidifying musical concepts.  Call Piano Lessons Naples at 239-494-1006.

Children and Teens

There may be surprising benefits  to your child from learning to play the piano.  One is a better response to criticism!  This typically carries over to other aspects of life.  The ability to handle stress comes from recitals and playing for friends and relatives.  Your child will also learn self-discipline, dedication, and how to set goals. Hand dexterity, aural awareness, concentration, and focus leads to better overall school performance. And, self-esteem is given a boost!  Call Piano Lessons Naples at 239-494-1006.

Adults and Seniors

We are all interested in keeping our brain healthy as we get older.  Research is astounding on the benefits to us of playing the piano.  Musicians suffer less memory and  hearing loss in aging than non-players.  Check out this great story from ABC News and then call Piano Lessons Naples at 239-494-1006.  http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/living-longer-learning-musical-instrument-protects-brain-memory/story?id=15482696

Specials and Cost of Lessons

We frequently run specials, and as we approach the holidays, what better gift than piano lessons.  Contact Ms. Carol at 239-494-1006 for our gift certificate for one or more lessons for any level or age student. 

 Call to schedule at 239-494-1006.

30 minutes lessons: $30

60 minute lessons:   $60

Cost of books (minimal) is additional.

In-home lessons: 60 minute minimum plus cost of travel.

Now Providing Lessons in Multiple Locations

The main studio for Piano Lessons Naples is located in Naples on Taylor Road, just north off Pine Ridge.  We also offer a limited number of lessons in Bonita Springs.  Private in-home lessons may also be arranged in those and other Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero locations. Contact Carol at 239-494-1006 for more information.

Upcoming Events and Testimonials

Recitals and programs in the community are regularly scheduled for students of the studio.  Our next recital will be a holiday program on Sunday, December 16.   

"I'm so grateful for Ms. Carol, our piano teacher at Piano Lessons Naples.  My son was having behavioral issues at school He had been tested for ADHD as requested by the school.  I did research on piano lessons and came to the conclusion that this might help if the teacher is the right one. I had tried so many other things.  Within weeks, he showed improvement.  Now he is in the gifted program at school and received the highest score possible on the FSA.  He is also setting a great example for my younger daughter, who also take piano lessons.  Thank you Ms. Carol!"

R.B., Parent