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Play Your Favorite Style of Music

Learn to play piano arrangements of pop, jazz, big band, classical, etc.   Carol's "fast start" program gets you playing music you love move quickly than you're expecting, whether you've had previous experience or not!

Elite Corps Program


Who is eligible?

o Any student of Piano Lessons Naples who exhibits a love of music in general and playing the piano in particular. 

o One who recognizes the lifelong benefit of playing the piano, and places it in equal importance to school work and sports.


o Attends lessons every week with makeup lessons when necessary.

o Practices assignments 5-6 days a week, 20-30 minutes per session.

o Achieves steady progress regardless of level.

o Plays in studio recitals. 


o The opportunity to participate in studio special events, concerts, parties, etc. 

o Recognition and status at the studio.

o Opportunities to learn special supplementary music, special arrangements, etc.

o Receives special Elite Corps items such as book bag or folder.

o Receives special Elite Corps name tags for events and recitals.

Program Goal: 

There is a point at which a piano student finds him or herself one with the music being played. Emotion is felt from the music, and back from the musician to the instrument. It is then that the student is transformed into a pianist. This is a true “Aha!” moment and what I strive for with each of my students. 

Gift Specials for the Holidays

Give the gift of piano lessons for the holidays.  Get a month of lesson for half price if gift is purchased in November or December, 2018 and begun no later than January 2019.  Call Carol at 239-494-1006.